"Manish Jethani (Manish Jethani)":http://mannu.livejournal.com/ blogged about "Johnathon Schlemmer (Johnathon Schlemmer)":http://www.inthegroove.com/page/Johnathon_Schlemmer trying an innovative way to get himself a "Mac (Mac)":http://www.apple.com/hardware/ through "iFizzle (iFizzle)":http://www.ifizzle.com/. I did my part by donating my small sum hoping that it might help him get a Mac soon.

Well, being a recent "Mac convert (Mac Convert)":http://www.brajeshwar.com/archives/2006/07/mac-convert-am-i/, I know how cool it is to be a Mac user. I even started my own "Mac Blog (Brajeshwar's Mac)":http://mac.brajeshwar.com/. I felt that it makes sense to document my experience with the Mac as I was a Windows user all my life and I have to learn to use the Mac right from scratch, have to learn all the tips and tricks, gotchas, _et al_.

My best wishes to Jonathon.