IIT-Madras - Shaastra '06 - Flash GamesYesterday, I got an email from "IIT-Madras (IIT-Madras)":http://www.iitm.ac.in/ about inclusion of a "Flash Games Competition (Flash Games Competition)":http://www.shaastra.org/n/events/Flash+Games in their upcoming "IIT-M Shaastra '06 (IIT-M Shaastra '06)":http://www.shaastra.org/. The Flash Game Development Competition is being introduced for the first time in The IIT-Madras Shaastra, which is being held during October this year. This is indeed good news that Flash is slowly being recognized and given the due respect by the IITs.

The objective for the contestants is to design highly addictive games in Flash. Participation can be done in teams/individuals, with no restriction on the size of the team. Certain selected games will be put up in a Gaming Arcade - FlashDrome. Final judging will be done by people attending the FlashDrome.

"Flash Game Development at the IIT-M Shaastra '06 (IIT-M Shaastra '06)":http://www.shaastra.org/n/events/Flash+Games