There are many good sites that does a good job of getting you the most happening, good news, links, information and everything else you need to know. There are RSS Feeds that one can subscribe and newsletters that one can follow. Some of such good sites which I use religiously are " (":, "digg (digg)":, "techcrunch ("techcrunch)":, "MXNA (MXNA)":, "FullAsAGoog ("FullAsAGoog)":, "Wired (wired)":

However, I missed some information or news that I wished I had heard earlier in some way or the other. Not just that, I really love to share information, good links, new happening with out team and beyond. Today, I decided to form a group just for that, to send out mails about new links, tutorials, tips & tricks, techno-business related information.

If you are interested, here are the details

* Join the group "What is New (What is New)":
* Subscribe to the "RSS feed (RSS feed for What is New)": without involving in the discussion
* Send messages to