What other cool things happen when Adobe took over Macromedia?

Sat, Jul 29, 2006

Ok, let us warm ourselves for the weekend (it is monsoon season in Indian now); let me make a mild post for the weekend.

We all know "Adobe (Adobe)":http://www.adobe.com/ for the cool looking tools and the super powerful image editing software - "Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop)":http://www.brajeshwar.com/archives/2006/02/adobe-photoshop-cs2/. Now, as Flash becomes the "Macromedia Flash from Adobe", the first thing that one would expect is that it would have the high power design tools available in Photoshop or be able to do utmost advantage of Photoshop (and perhaps Illustrator). Well, you might as well get it. You will be delighted that Adobe should definitely bestow you with the cool tools in Flash which are really Photoshop-alike.

*Importing Photoshop or Illustrator files*

What about importing Photoshop edited PSD files with their layers intact and editable including Text?
What about importing them as bitmaps, outlines or movie clips?
What about the ability to maintain editable paths and layer styles?
What about the ability to decide if you should flatten blending modes/effects?

And of course, we know that *Macromedia Flash from Adobe* have become so powerful with ActionScript 3.0; so you get the best of both world - super design tool and a powerful development environment.