Brajeshwar v8.0.0 - 2008

Wallpaper by Anonymous

Brajeshwar v8.0.0To the wildly unknown, tempting resurrection of a new future.

After brushing it aside many times, I finally gave up and finished off my new site design (more or less). The new design is not because the earlier version - Brajeshwar v7.0 wasn't good enough. It is more because I needed a new design with more width to the content (most suggested feedback by readers and visitors), new advertisement slot placements and to penance the guilt of sticking to "a" design for more than a year.

So, here it is - the all new Brajeshwar v8.0.0 - for the year 2008; it is the 8th design version since the site started in summer 2001. I've tried my best to keep the design simple but I must admit that it has become more complex than I planned.