Brajeshwar Wordpress ThemeI've decided to have a dedicated site for the Brajeshwar Wordpress Theme as people seem to like this theme. Well, well

* Smashing Magazine calls it one of the most beautiful Wordpress themes
* It is also one of the top most downloaded Wordpress theme (it will cross 10,000 downloads very soon just on


* Demo, Preview, Updates & Releases in the future will be through the theme site
* I would prefer the downloads from either Google CodeBase or Wordpress Themes

For some reason, if you wish to be on the bleeding edge, you can check out the SVN Source

Btw, don't worry about me, at the time of writing this article, I am still running v7.0 on my own original site -

And here are the bug fixes and enhancements in v7.1.1

* font styles compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista
* removed dependency on the-excerpt-reloaded for the search result (so this theme is now totally plugin independent)
* title style changed to be more search engine friendly
* added a default favicon.ico
* change "blog" to "home"
* changed few arrows to html entities
* added a big noticeable RSS feed icon
* inserted wordpress theme URI in the footer/sidebar along with the "powered by wordpress" tag and the meta tags
* improvised 404 page
* pagination issues fixed wherever needed
* included styles to allow proper image embed complete with a border another style to over-ride for wp-smiley
* included javascript enabled technorati cosmos - home page and article page
* added google adsense leaderboard format which you need to edit to match your google adsense unit
* the highlighted about now gets its value from the Blog Description (Wp Admin > Options) and no need to change in the theme


* 2007 April 7 -- There have been well over 10,000 downloads just on Wordpress Theme Viewer. I've already created a Google Groups for Brajeshwar Theme for you to ask for new features, get bugs fixed or just talk to me. You can always browse through the forum too.