Get your invites to 8Apps, FlowChart, iMedix and I'm in like with you

Wed, Aug 01, 2007

I still have many invites to be sent out for Joost. However, I'm willing to give out more invites for the following Apps

* 8Apps
* FlowChart
* iMedix (Thanks to Mashable)
* I'm in like with you


8Apps is a suite of online applications that help you to work better. At the center there is Handshake, a fully-featured social network for you to make new contacts, strengthen existing relationships and find like-minded entrepreneurs.


FlowChart is a free online application that will help you draw charts, flow-charts and other diagrams.


iMedix is a health search site and community.

I'm in like with you

I'm in like with you is a dating site.