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Gifting more Flickr Pro Accounts

UPDATE: I’m no longer able to gift Flickr Pro accounts.

I was once able to gift 2 Flickr Pro accounts. As an aftermath, I still receive emails, comments asking me for more pro accounts. I’m sorry, I no longer have any!

However, I have been thinking of Gifting more Flickr Pro Accounts. This came to me ever since I bought couple of Flickr Pro Account for total strangers. I remember even gifting one hugely popular Blogger, Industry Expert after seeing that he is not a Flickr Pro user. He didn’t even bother to reciprocate with a simple “Thanks”.

No, I cannot gift or buy everybody who ask for a Flickr Pro Account. It will also be my sole decision whom I should buy/gift Flickr Pro Accounts. The Flickr Pro Accounts comes as a result of the meagre earnings that I get from Ads/Sponsors on my site after paying off the hosting fee for couple of my dedicated servers.

If you feel that you are a good (amateur) photographer and justify a Flickr Pro Account from me, then contact me directly. The deciding factors will be, with no specific reasons but good photographs, budding photographers, college students and few other reasons which I don’t know myself.

Email me with

  1. Your Flickr Photos URL.
  2. Why do you think I should gift you a Flickr Pro Account?
  3. Agree that you’ll grant me rights to use some of your photos for my personal blog, inset inside posts, etc.
  4. You may link me to some of your coolest photographs.

However, don’t be surprised if I don’t reply to your email at all. You may try twice but that should be it. As mentioned above, I’ll give no reason if I want to accept or reject your request.