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How to track your Flickr Photos Statistics

Brajeshwar's PhotosOf late, my Flickr Photos are getting quite a bit of attention, more specifically with the inclusion of the Windows Vista Wallpaper collection. The Photos stream has garnered almost half a million views ever since I shifted my photos to Flickr from my hosted Gallery in March, 2006. At this rate, it will easily cross half a million views per year (by March 2007).

There is no way to see your Flickr Photo usage statistics. Someone may be blogging your photos, praising your photos and linking back to your Flickstream. The best way so far is to track through Technorati. To know where your Flickr photos are being linked, blogged or mentioned elsewhere, setup a Technorati Search Feed for your Flickstream.

Once you set a search for your FlickrStream, you should get the RSS feed icon in your Browser Address Bar (I user Firefox) and you should be able to subscribe to the same. The feed is usually the replacement of the “www” with “feeds” in the resulting URL. The RSS Feed in my case looks something like this – This is perhaps not the perfect solution for your Flickr photos Stats but it serves enough to tracks your FlickrStream.


  • 2007 Feb 3 — Just found this awesome GreaseMonkey Script to keep track of the increase in your FlickrStream Views. This script will keep track of the increase in number of views on your FlickrStream, and average views/photo.
    INSTALL Install Flickr Views Tracker
    USAGE – Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts > Preferences > Flickr Views Tracker > Add your FlickrStream (or change the default)
    REQUIRED GreaseMonkey Add-on and FireFox
    Here is a ScreenShot (Thanks to Sumeet for the script.)
  • 2008 Jan 26 — Flickr have already enabled stats for your Flickr Photos and thus third-party statistics enabler are no more required.