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Please help me get the message across to MediaTemple

I’ve been very happy and satisfied with the hosting at MediaTemple. They are one of the best web hosting providers around and with their recent introduction of Grid Server, they have introduced many good features and more juices to your hosting needs.

However, they’ve been erratic of late with their Urchin Statistics and their MySQL Database being unable to keep up with the query demands.

My own site have been a victim for quite sometime and it had even driven me to think over and over again if I should move out. The site encounters 500 error every time I try to approve/moderate a comment and when I try to post an article. However, the comments and articles goes though but this is frustrating and irritating. The problem started when I was still using Movable Type and it continues to do so with WordPress. So, it is their server and not the CMS I am using. My request to them have faced lukewarm response and the problem with the stats and mysql continues. I’ve always suggested MediaTemple for any serious and Creme hosting but I don’t think I will be doing that anymore.

I even looked at some other sites hosted on the MediaTemple Grid server and they seem to face the same problem. Here are some screenshots that happens every time I try to post an article —

So, what do you think?

  • Is MediaTemple no longer that good anymore?
  • Is Mediatemple unable to keep up the promise they made?

What is your experience with MediaTemple?