We don't need no Spam

Apr 01, 2007

Dear Spam Sender,

Thank you for taking such an interest in me. I regret to inform you the following:

# My penis is just fine, but thank you for asking.
# I don't own a home, so why the fuck would I need to re-finance my mortgage.
# I don't require any medication and even if I did I wouldn't buy it from someone who can't spell the name of it.
# I deeply regret your situation in Nigeria (or whatever 3rd world country you and "your millions of dollars you need to transfer" live in) but you're barking up the wrong tree.
# I already have a degree (again, last time I checked you didn't spell diploma with a 1 in the middle).
# Posing to be the institution I do my banking with, wow, that's fucking admirable. No, you can't have my account information.
# Re: I don't remembering sending you e-mail in the first place.
# "Your PC is infected". No it isn't, I have a Mac which doesn't open your fucked up .exe files, you stupid.
# Thanks for the stock tip, unfortunately I didn't see a listing on NASDAQ for: bL06Wjob GraNNy99.
# Chicks banging horses is soooo 1999.

Bye for now,