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Other InboxA cure for email overload.

What is OtherInbox?

OtherInbox is a new way to manage email overload. Many people have their "other inbox", probably a Yahoo or Gmail account that they give out because they don't want receipts, newsletters and social networking notifications to clutter their main email.

This is where OtherInbox comes in. Instead of just having a single email address such as yourname@gmail.com, each user gets assigned their own domain name such as yourname.otherinbox.com or even a custom domain like yourname.com. Any address @yourname.com goes to your OtherInbox, so you can easily give a different email address to every website.

In fact, I can have some fancy MX records and setup a smarter way to filter my mails. I can continue to have my primary mails delivered at @brajeshwar.com@ and have my "other inbox" at @vipmails.brajeshwar.com@. So, when a marketer ask for an email, I can give her spamme@vipmails.brajeshwar.com@. And I can do that without me managing it but outsourcing it to OtherInbox.


OtherInbox have given me a bunch of invites for my readers, get your "Other Inbox" -- http://beta.otherinbox.com/signup/brajeshwar.