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TwitterA service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected. We just made our own Cricket-Twitter version.

We, at oCricket, are always about people, the users and how we can make them enjoy their stay at oCricket.

Everybody loves Twitter and we've been integrating Twitter with oCricket in a way. Recently, we decided to give it a shot of steroid and we are happy to announce a Cricket enhanced Twitter spin-off on oCricket.

Cricket related keywords on TwitterThe app is powered by the user, which means, users suggest a keyword and is voted by other users. Once a keyword becomes hot enough, we track it and is relayed for other users to enjoy the Twitter Experience on a single interface where others can reply there, relayed back to their Twitter timeline. A user can also vote against a keyword and we stop tracking it goes below its hotness level.

Enjoy the Cricket Talk. Tell us what you feel, where can we improve to make your Twitter-Cricket experience a better one. We're expecting that Cricket Talk will be a way easier way to track Cricket on Twitter and be amongst other Cricket fans across the globe.

So, go ahead and talk Cricket.

Note: Please keep the keyword suggestion to Cricket related ones (I know you can suggest anything!) And yes, we use Twitter's brand new OAuth, so you won't have to disclose your Username/Password to our application.