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3 Nice Live Linux CDs to Try

Live Linux CDs are also great when your operating system is damaged and you can’t boot it. In this case you just boot a Live Linux distro and you can access your files.

3 KDE Live Linux CDs I Recommend

Live Linux distros are not news anymore and there are many of them worth trying. Depending on what you need a live CD for, the list would be different. These 3 distros — Mepis, Kubuntu, and PCLinuxOS are more or less general purpose distros and they are suitable even for beginners. The 3 distros use KDE as a desktop environment but if you are not a fan of KDE, the choice of Live Linux distros with Gnome, LXDE, and other desktops is pretty impressive.

1. Mepis

Mepis is a relatively small Linux distro – it fits on a 700MB CD but it has many useful programs in it. I have run Mepis on many computers with different hardware configuration and I have rarely had problems. Mepis uses Debian stable and the choice of applications is careful, so you won’t experience crashes every time you try to launch an application you use daily. For an ordinary user, Mepis has all the applications you will need to browse the Web, chat, write, watch movies, etc. Additionally, you can always install more packages, if necessary.

2. Kubuntu

Kubuntu is the less popular sibling of Ubuntu – essentially it is Ubuntu+KDE. It is also a nice distro with many useful packages and it also fits on a 700MB CD. As with Mepis, you get applications to browse the Web, chat, watch movies, etc.

3. PCLinuxOS

PCLinuxOS is also a KDE distro but unlike the others, you can download from its site versions with Gnome, Gnome ZenMini, LXDE, XFCE, and OpenBox desktops. Depending on which desktop you choose, the selection of applications will vary but still in all cases you will get at least the applications an ordinary user needs.

These 3 distros are my personal favorites and in my opinion they are the best. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no better distros than them – it is just a matter of personal preferences.