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Time to Get Good at Social Media


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TwitterWhat’s your Twitter Profile?

Have you tweeted about your business lately? What about a status update on a business’ Facebook Fan Page? Have you offered any online coupons via Google Places yet? Make any referrals using LinkedIn? Odds are if you aren’t using social media for your business you probably won’t know what I’m talking about – I mean everyone uses Facebook, even businesses? Are you missing out on keeping up with what’s happening with the world around you because you aren’t connected? Social media and how we interact with the world around us is changing at a phenomenal rate.

Here are some tips and thoughts about the benefits of getting and staying in the know.

Consumption of information

Everyday more and more people are getting their information via iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry mobile devices. Laptops, Netbooks, and iPad’s are everywhere running Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all in the same browser. Having a digital representation of your brand offering information, advice, or savings on a regular basis means you’re increasing your chances at being engaged.

It’s Free (Sort of)

While most of these services are free the real cost becomes the time you devote to these social media outlets. The benefit here is that you are constantly getting in front of your people you engage with and your supporters at no cost and in places you know they are going online. Building a personal brand is the hot button in today’s social media market place.

Brand Association

People, including myself, love to be a part of groups. Social media allows you to find communities and share stories, feedback, and bring others in. Taking ownership in something creates a deeper association to it.

Professional Relationships

Just like there are benefits for businesses to be a part of their local Chamber of Commerce there are benefits to establishing your presence online. You have the ability to interact and engage with other individuals and business owners. The same efficiencies of cross promotion and utilizing the services of bigger businesses can be found using social media — and you already have something in common, you’re both using social media.


So while you are blogging, Tweeting, ‘Facebooking’, and Yelping about your own brand you should be following your friends, family and even competition. Social Media also allows you to keep your thumb on the pulse of how your others interact with the same products/services you use – or are thinking about using.


So we covered the importance about creating community around your personal brand but what’s equally important is to be a contributing part of your own community. How often do you read about a groups civic involvement in the newspaper or on hear about it on the news. Social Media allows you to tout your small victories on a regular basis and to invite your followers to be a part of it. From food drives to park clean ups, if you choose to be involved in your community. I use my website to help try to raise money for Link to Libraries a local literacy non-profit.

It’s easy for me to just tell you about the benefits of social media and why you should use it to help build your brand. It’s easy because as I’m typing this I have all of my social media tools in the background just constantly sending and receiving information about me and the community I’m building.

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