Apple has rolled out its brand new version of its operating system, iOS 5, which will be available Fall 2011. On June 6th, Apple announced the release of the fifth upgraded version iOS5.0 beta version, during the WWDC annual event. Packed with some cool revolutionary features, not few, but around 200 brand new features to it. Well, that's a huge upgrade to its previous versions and a big leap in the family of iOS enabled devices. It's already been said that iOS5 would be fully integrated with iCloud. The major upgrade to it is an overall performance boost and the speed.

Apple iOS 5

Here are some of the brand new features of iOS 5;

* Notifications Now you can easily keep track of all your text messages, missed calls, all alerts and more sitting anywhere in iOS5 as you get notified through the Notification Centre. You will not get disturbed from whatever you were doing, as it displays the brief message from all of your notifications as and when they arrive on top of your screen and disappear quickly. And you can check all your notifications with just one swipe.
* iMessage A new messaging service is on its way through iMessage to all your iOS 5 devices. It helps you send unlimited text messages, photos, videos, locations and contacts to all the devices having iOS5 on them either via 3G or through Wi-Fi. Delivery receipts and read receipts help you to track your messages and you can even enjoy secure encryption for all your text messages. And guess what, you can begin a conversation on iOS device and later can pick it up on another mobile.
* NewsStand Similar to iBooks, Newsstand is also an easy-to-organize bookshelf which you can customize your way. It keeps all your newspaper or magazine subscriptions all in one place and you can tap to shop more from the App store for new subscriptions too. Newsstand also automatically updates or alerts you about the latest subscriptions available at the background.
* Twitter Integration Well, you can tweet almost everything from your iOS device. iOS5 comes integrated with Twitter allowing you tweet from whatever App you use. Share your tweets or reply your friends from your Twitter integrated iOS device.
* Safari Web-surfing is all the more interesting with Safari and with iOS5, it just gets better. It allows for easy surfing with tabbed browsing letting you to keep track of all the multiple pages you have opened up and easy switch between them. The reader gives you the chance to read without any ads over the articles and you can save them to read later. And Of course, iCloud helps you with updated list for all of your iOS devices.