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Could You Trust Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln To Launch Your Business Online?

Surprisingly, the prevailing attitude towards social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is one of either ignorance or disdain. Many small businesses have not seen how much of the small and medium business world have begun to use these formerly consumer products for various business purposes.

Social media hubs like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can definitely be trusted to launch your business online. That was an easy question, wasn’t it? But you are not that easily convinced, and nor should you be, because you did not become a successful businessperson by simply believing whatever anyone had to say about something. You required proof and statistics.

Well, here are the statistics and the proof that shows you that you can trust social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to launch or build your business.

Facebook already has your customers.

By the count of the web ranking site Alexa, Facebook already has a full one fourth of all of the clicks that are performed online in the United States.

Facebook has taken full advantage of this opportunity for business by launching many applications that are quite applicable to any new business that is looking for customers. First, there are business pages known as fan pages, which basically function as a social media advertising hub. Not only can you put videos advertising your business like auto loan here and pictures showing you with smiling customers, but you are expected to. People now find new businesses on social media sites just as often as they find them through search engine queries, according to MarketWatch.

And just how will your customer base find you on Facebook?

The genius of Facebook lies in its ability to target ads to certain people based on their profile, which is basically a person giving to you for free all of the information that you normally would have had to pay a marketing research company to twist out of them. Let’s say someone posts about just getting her driver’s license. If you are an auto loan company, your ad will show up on the side of her page, and ages of all of her friends. When they click on it, you can send them anywhere that you want – to your landing page or to your Facebook fan page.

Twitter is becoming the most popular way to give out coupons.

When it comes to reaching your audience, nothing is more comprehensive or widespread than Twitter. With the mobile applications and short reading time, Twitter gets to the point and gets to your customer fast. So let’s take the example of the auto loan company again. You can actually set up the application to deliver your message of a low APR rate to opt in customers who are in the area and within a certain demographic. So not only are these people likely to buy, but they are also in the immediate area! On top of that, they have the ability to Tweet you right back and tell you that they are coming in. It is the quickest way to make a sale on the market today.

Your business partners are already a part of LinkedIn.

The part that linked in will play into launching your business is finding partners, B2B clients and plenty of advice and room to network. Again, if you are an auto loan company owner, you can join the groups for businesses who are in the automobile industry, give your expert advice on the financial aspects of that industry, and come to be seen as the expert in that area.

Once that happens, it is a short leap to becoming partners with small business and even corporate clients that can give you your first legitimate customers very quickly. It certainly beats going door to door or cold calling people that you don’t know asking them to give you a chance.

In short, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make the legwork easy. You can bring your customers to you, both individual and corporate, and make the connections that you need more quickly than you ever could otherwise.