Most of us are already familiar and used to reading the newspaper on our personal computers with the help of e-papers, with each one of us reading our preferred publication. But this one is definitely a revelation. I am talking about The Daily. It is a newspaper publication agency which, by the way does not like the word paper being attached to it and it is accessible through an iPad.

The launch of this very exciting application happened on the 3rd of February, wherein renowned media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation unveiled 'The Daily' at New York's Guggenheim Museum which is all set to kick-start a new era as far as advanced mass communication system is concerned. If you think that this is just another normal e-paper version of a newspaper, you are wrong. This is very unlike an e-paper. Quite obviously there are more and far better features that a newspaper, or even a news channel on TV can offer. Combine both and still you cannot beat it. The Daily is definitely a complete news package that provides audiences the luxury, convenience and ease with which they can get to read and view news from in and around the world.

Let's take a look at some of the exciting features that 'The Daily' has got to offer:

* Apart from reading, users can also view news videos, created and edited by 'The Daily'.
* The news articles have plenty of interactive options like users can watch them as videos, watch and create galleries, view 360 degree photos, etc.
* The articles also have the Hotspot feature which lets users tap on the Hotspot in case s/he needs more info on a particular article.
* Web friendly versions of The Daily articles can also be shared with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.
* Readers can also play Crossword and Sudoku games. They can time their games too while playing and also have the option of competing with other connected users. Kinda like a one-on-one game.
* The Daily just like any news channel on TV changes and updates itself with all the relevant and important news items and keeps users abreast of all the news and updates from around the world.

All this in just one publication called 'The Daily'. Everything mentioned above and even more can be availed for free for the first two weeks and then for 99 cents per week. It is needless to mention that this is a superb bargain.

A true revelation not only in the mass communication industry but also in the technology world!