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Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat XI, besides being the leading PDF converter, is packed with smart tools that give you even more power to communicate – easily, seamlessly, brilliantly.

Until recently, I had the notion that Adobe Acrobat is just a glorified PDF Converter, of course, with a very powerful document management system. However, after attending a special screening of the new Adobe Acrobat XI, here in Bangalore, India, I am impressed with what it can do.

With Acrobat, it becomes so easy to edit text, graphics and the ability to combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF is outstanding. The export capability and online web-creation are pretty nice additions. Of course, the ability to sign documents is brilliant.

The only rant I’ve against it is that it’s rather overwhelming and can scare most first timers. This is a big, well-grown and developed tool.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and Standard

There are two versions to Adobe Acrobat XI – Pro available at $449 and Standard are $299. If you’re just a normal single user, the Standard should be good enough. The Pro version is for heavy users – enterprises and professionals who need heavy operation options like Preflight, plugin with CAD, Visio etc.

Services Integration

The New Acrobat can load files directly from Microsoft’s SharePoint, Office 365 and

With Adobe’s highly targeted Enterprise market for the Acrobat Family, they’re being widely adopted in both government and private enterprises – from Hospitals to Passport Offices to Non Profit Organizations.

I recently renewed my Passport. I was happily surprised to see Flex working in tandem with Adobe Acrobat in the Passport Office, speeding up the whole process in a very smooth systematic process. Well, I got my renewed Passport the next day.

Here is a video of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro/Standard: Feature Highlights & Demo.