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mySchoolNotebook is digitizing the Classroom


mySchoolNotebook is an app for taking and sharing school notes in an easy and effective way. Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of students bringing their electronic devices to school and taking notes with them as well as school supporting integration of technology into education.

mySchoolNotebook allows students to take notes into well-arranged notebooks divided into topics and automatically numbered and dated lessons. Students can format their notes, upload files, search within the application, or convert notes to PDF and print them out if they get tired of looking at screen. When they miss a class, they simply ask friends to share the notes with them instantly.

Students can sign in with their Facebook account, which helps to automatically generate a friend list for sharing notes, or they can register with an e-mail. Another benefit is that mySchoolNotebook works offline. Therefore, students do not have to worry about an Internet connection. The application is offered in web, mobile, iOS, and Android version. The iOS and Android version can take pictures and record audios.

mySchoolNotebook is based in the Czech Republic. It was developed by a young high school student, CEO Jakub Roz, who tried to solve his own problem of taking notes effectively. He made the first version of mySchoolNotebook for himself. However, his classmates liked the service and wanted to use it as well.

Well, Jakub and the CTO of mySchoolNotebook, Jan Kuca develop a Czech version of mySchoolNotebook. It became a popular tool serving tens of thousand of students. mySchoolNotebook team then decided to release an English version at the end of 2011 to serve students at a global level. In addition, there is a version for German speaking users.

Download the App – iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android.