Real estate is a lucrative niche market, even in the current market straits. A real estate transaction is much more detailed than any other asset purchases. However, technology provides the solution to simplify the search for the perfect mortgage asset. Property portals offer sellers to display their mortgaged properties in the best light. All-important information, concerning the deal, is easily accessible with real-time developments tracked for current updates. You can get to the seller or contact a property agent to help you in your search to find the best mortgage deal for you.

Recently joining the niche of property portals, PropertyFeast still brings quite an impact assortment of features to the field. The geographical location of the various properties plays a big role in the content of the various property portals online.

The Team

The core team is led by Dileep Singh Rathore (CEO) and the co-founders of the project, Emmanuel Pappas and Christos Pappas. The site focuses on the Indian property market. The origin of the site can be traced back to the lack of information that troubled them during their personal search for property information in India. The site has been developed based on experiences instead of a general idea, which makes the project better equipped to handle specific customer concerns.

Here is a brief look at the relevant features of the site -

Efficiency Criteria

The site is dedicated to the complete transaction of a property sale. This means that property listings have as much of a place on the site, as do agents, developers, and realtors. The site strives to bring together all the aspects of the deal at one commonplace. Therefore, when you do decide to buy or sell a property in India, you do not have to surf all over the Internet to find each individual aspect. The realtor practices have seen a significant shift, especially in the recent economy. Balancing the necessary criteria to accommodate these changes is essential to survive in the competition-driven market. PropertyFeast manages the task effortlessly.

Usability & Information Protocol

It cannot be stressed enough that buying or selling mortgaged property is a big decision. The people involved in the transaction look for options with clearly defined, comparable features. The site provides accompanying photos, for each of the property listings. This effectively increases the interest in the asset. Professionalism is an undeniable part of this particular type of service. PropertyFeast is an exclusive real estate portal, where agents, developers, and realtors are allowed in only by invitation. This raises the bar of quality standards of the listings.

The site adheres to an efficient protocol of franchising, which helps include a wider range of property deals in their database. Agents are included in the site because they often simplify the process of a real estate deal for the buyers. However, the site's accreditation and branding initiatives are geared towards providing the best realtor experience for the buyers.

Credibility Factors

It is difficult for such a new website to establish its credibility parameters, so early on in the game. However, it can be said that PropertyFeast has managed to establish a name for itself in the niche. The tie-ups of the site are accountable for this situation. The website is in direct partnership with Rightmove, an immensely popular in the UK; is a web-property portal and carries self-worth of over 2 million search counts per month.

PropertyFeast was launched in 2010, and since then, it has worked towards covering multiple bases within the Indian subcontinent, listing major property opportunities. It also has tie-ups with major property agencies such as RE/MAX, PropTiger, and Knight Frank, etc. Networking is necessary for the survival of websites online. PropertyFeast makes up for any lapse in the process by intensifying its franchising practices. The ease of interface navigation and access to optional functions provide extra popularity for the site, leading to increased sales counts.

Currently, the site is coasting the Tier-I sites. The plans in the pipe include a shift of focus towards Tier II and III sites, eventually. The website strives to bring a selection of affordable options for the buyers. Agents and professionals are included to ease the necessary complications.

The site is relatively new but it has secured a large share of the property market customers. By association and networking struggles, the site has managed to develop a keen platform for customer interaction with agents and realtors. In all, the analysis of the site reveals a certain brand of efficiency primarily expected in a real estate database portal.

For sure, PropertyFeast lives up to its name and the attention to details show promise to morph the site into a raging national level success, soon.