Social media networking sites are evolving and they have become the heart and breath of the current young generation. Available prospects are aptly utilized by various brands to prop up their products and services. New opportunities are explored by both corporate and social networking sites and thus both are flourishing.

Let us find out some top most brands and how successful they are in getting the best from their efforts.

Dell, the company in PC business, takes number one slot in serving customers. It has wholehearted customer and technical support team that make their products compete with other brands in the market. The way they hear customers' issues and resolves by coming down one step into customers' shoes is unique and this made them win millions of customers all over the world. For a company that has impeccable track record in attending customer needs, social media networking sites are a God-sent gift to address customer's issues in a better way. Timely opportunities are utilized by Dell. As of now, it monitors more than 22,000 Dell related posts on various social media networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. It directly involves customers to take help through Twitter and Facebook. For example, Twitter handle, @DellCares is dedicated to address customer support issues. This kind of strategy is not at all expected in earlier days as companies were not prepared enough to face public especially when things are going against their interests.

Morton's Restaurant Chain has impeccable track record in utilizing social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube each for a specific purpose. Morton's posts short videos on YouTube and Facebook after conducting a special event at their hotels. Celebrities or sports stars will serve on those special occasions which will double the promotional aspect. They will receive hits on their videos very naturally. For special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Morton's ask public to participate in events on Facebook by sending photos, organizing competitions, etc. Daily interactions through Twitter make them always available and promote their business as well.

Unisys has presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. It takes part in various social media conversations on issues related to Information Technology. The company builds reputation by participating in discussions on various social media platforms. It has policy guidelines to be followed by employees so that then get the most from the social media and manage reputation as well by playing on a safe side. Unisys is also engaging recruiting activities through social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

KLM, the airlines company is successful in serving its customers on a 24x7 basis through YouTube and Twitter. Customers get personalized replies from KLM within one hour. This service can be utilized round the clock and throughout the year. This feat is possible by dedicated airlines employees and volunteers who work round the clock.

Social media helped ABC MotorCredit shine in their business. Used car fans can share information through Facebook and Twitter and get updates and valuable information from ABC MotroCredit through social media networking sites. Customers can find the hottest used car at most affordable price through social media. The benefits are mutual. Both customers and ABC MotorCredit are benefited. More and more businesses are entering and expanding their presence in social networking sites by adapting their business appropriately. It is the best place to meet customers and assist them in real-time in a cost effective manner.