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Adobe Spurring the Next Creative Evolution

These days, Adobe, specially in India, is doing few distinct initiatives that are pretty interesting. Initiatives where they focus on the content and the quality without bringing in or bombarding their brand or even products as the limelight. Of course, it is evident it is Adobe and it’s tools are one of the driving forces with the initiatives but they have maintained their subtlety very well.

Today, I went to one of such no-frill, subtle event organized by Adobe — “Spurring on the next creative evolution” — a panel discussion amongst some of industry’s known and celebrated creative professionals.

Adobe Spurring the Next Creative Evolution

(L-R) Sridhar Iyengar, VP Product Management, Zoho Corp, Balakrishna Rao, CIO Manipal Global Education, Arun Goyal, Senior VP, McMillian Publishing, Ravigururaj, Chair Of NASSCOM product Council, Arundhati Nag, Theatre Personality and Creative Luminary, Hisamichi Kinomoto, VP Marketing- JAPAC, Adobe, Umang Bedi, Managing Director, Adobe South Asia.

With today’s discussion, Adobe India focussed on exploring the confluence of creativity and technology in India. The panelists highlighted the state of creativity amongst start-ups, small businesses, creative and fine arts, product development and education in India today and shed light on key differentiators that could help bolster the country’s creative economy.

The panelists discussed the state of creativity, technology and businesses and what it means for India, a country with an entrepreneurial culture and whose economy thrives on startups and small businesses to a large extent. As per a recent study by Zinnov, with a total base of 48.8 million SMBs, India is expected to emerge as the largest SMB country globally. This segment will play a crucial role towards growing our economy and a fine interplay between technology, innovation and creativity can help spur this growth.

Addressing the panelists Ravi Gururaj, Chair of Nasscom Product Council said, “Product companies and startups are the future growth engines of India’s economy and are set to contribute significantly to the overall innovation and growth. Creativity and technology when combined help small businesses grow and accelerate down the path of innovation and success.”

Speaking at the panel Hisamichi Kinomoto said, “India is home to some of the most creative art forms and expressions. However, it is still sometimes not known to be an innovative economy. We need to find a way to liberate creativity only from art forms and ingrain it in the start-up ecosystem in the country. The results will then be nothing less than phenomenal.”

The panel explored the topic of creativity across different outlets – society at large, product innovation, in education, with startups, across Asian countries. The theme that emerged clearly is there is a strong co-relation between creative thinking and outstanding outcomes.

Adobe India also spoke to some of India’s leading creative professionals on what they have to say on Creativity in India.

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