Jaaga Study - A 1-Year hands-on Computer Training Course

Wed, Oct 23, 2013

Jaaga is a Bangalore-based evolving community sculpture. They support and connect entrepreneurs, activists and artists.

Jaaga is starting a new initiative - Jaaga Study - an intensive one year program designed to help young people become solid software developers who are financially independent and can create the next generation of web and mobile applications.

What is it?

The formal education part of the program leverages the amazing classes the worlds top universities have made freely available online. We add to this a local collegiate environment and access to coaches and technical experts who can help them navigate their academic path and overcome problems.

What will you learn?

You'll learn to build Web and Mobile applications. You'll learn the basics of UI design and how to use HTML, CSS & JavaScript to make applications that are beautiful and easy to use. On the backend you'll use Python to implement your application logic. You'll use open source databases and SQL to store and manage application data. You'll setup and manage UNIX servers in 'The Cloud'. You'll use GIT to manage source code and collaborate with your team. You'll learn the tools and methods of modern software developers, and gain practical experience developing web and mobile applications.

Why should you enroll for Jaaga Study?

The program leverages the very best of Online Content. Our Team of coaches helps keep you on target and our technical experts help you understand the technical material. At the end of the program we can help you get a job in an internet startup in Bangalore or you can create your own internet business.



You will be spending one year, working full time at Jaaga, Bangalore.


The total cost of the one year program is Rs. 1,20,000 but you only pay once you start earning and nothing before that.

When is it starting?

Early 2014.

Apply today or learn more about Jaaga Study.