Google Wallet ensures no pick-pocketting for you

The way we pay has changed three times in the past few thousand years. From coins to paper notes to plastic cards. Now, a mobile application developed by Google only for Sprint Nexus S 4G allows the user can make secure payments fast and convenient by simply tapping the phone on a pay-pass enabled terminal checkout. Google plans to develop this application for more mobile phones. Google Wallet, allows the user to use the mobile phones and enhance in-store shopping experience and thus helping bridge the gap between online and in-store customer interactions.

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Apple iOS5 – Brand New Features

Apple has rolled out its brand new version of its operating system, iOS 5, which will be available Fall 2011. On June 6th, Apple announced the release of the fifth upgraded version iOS5.0 beta version, during the WWDC annual event. Packed with some cool revolutionary features, not few, but around 200 brand new features to it. Well, that’s a huge upgrade to its previous versions and a big leap in the family of iOS enabled devices. It’s already been said that iOS5 would be fully integrated with iCloud. The major upgrade to it is an overall performance boost and the speed.

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Diaspora – an Open Source Social Network

Social Networking has revolutionized the way we communicate in today’s fast paced world. With more and more people with constant access to the internet, nearly everyone you know has an account with popular networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al. It has become a way of life today and makes for easy sharing and communication between friends and relatives.

Many start-ups and businesses are trying to make effective use of these sites to grow their ventures. And, hence they are everywhere. And, if you are not tired or bored of the number of networking sites available today, here comes the news of the launch of another site claiming it to be an open source social network – Diaspora. Most people are not aware of it, but it has created a buzz in and around the social media and early adopters.

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LG Optimus – Unique 3D SmartPhone

LG Electronics, the South Korean based company which promotes with the jingle – Life’s Good, has many products to its credit. The company has made remarkable presence in the electronic gadget’s arena with it’s cutting edge technologies. After successful launch of 3D monitor and 3D LCD Television, LG announces the world’s first 3D smartphone, flagging off the race of next generation smartphones.

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India’s Mobile Number Portability – Boon for Consumers!

Mobile Number Portability, shortly known as MNP is finally been implemented in India. MNP provides the consumers and subscribers an opportunity to change their service operators while retaining their existing mobile numbers. It has become an instant success across India with the results showing 13 million subscribers changing their service operators since the day it has been implemented. It’s not every day you hear about the end-user getting most of the benefit, do you?

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Cool droid phones you should absolutely consider

Android phones have revolutionized our lives. From searching for a nearest hotel to stay while traveling, to meet emergencies like admitting into a nearest best hospital for medical care; Androids have touched every sphere of life. You have images, movies, music, games and applications and what not, everything on it! For many younger generations it has become a way of life. There are some strong addicts too. There are some teens that can stay away from their girlfriends and boyfriends but not from androids. The sleek hand-held device is able to perform most of the tasks instead of performing the same from your laptop. Android OS’s (Operating System) capability in developing powerful mobile applications helps you perform many tasks instead of going for a desktop or laptop.

Android’s fire will continue to spread in the coming months by adding many new and innovative applications to its fold. Already, it has got more than 100,000 mobile applications to its pool. In fact, it is hard to resist the revolution of comfort and smart work with these smart phones! Let me point out 5 cool Android phones in India on which you must certainly consider putting your hands on.

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Financial Institutions’ approach against Groupon

Groupon is a popular website that offers gift coupons which can be used at local and national companies. Established in November, 2008 with initial promotions based at Chicago, spread to many more cities and countries worldwide. At present, it has its presence in 4 continents with more than 35 million registered users with unprecedented growth in any business ever. Except LivingSocial, the company is not facing any major competitors so far.

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Access and Manage apps with AppDok on IE, Firefox & Chrome

The Internet is alive with a multitude of apps for every niche. Each day, a variety of new apps are constructed. These apps find their way in to our lives via our browsers and they exist to make our lives easier in a variety of ways. It is only natural that you would be interested in trying new and unique apps. However, managing and accessing these apps on your browser can get a little tedious over time.

AppDok is the simplified solution for this task.

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Key Tips for Super Effective Writing

Writing should be enjoyable! (source : Ed Yourdon)

Writing is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Especially, for people who depend on their writing as a source of income, this is the most complicated necessity. While you have to maintain the quality of your written piece, the creativity is also that much important. For the creative flow of the mind to remain unhindered you have to stay loose and enjoy the topic as you write about it.

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Invoicera’s new billing service for Magento

Sending invoices to a client or a customer every time they place an order on your online store can be quite a daunting task. The same activity can consume the productive time of your business. But, guess what? Here comes the good news. A Company well-known for its online software for invoicing and billing service – Invoicera has launched its services on online invoicing in real time to Magento, an Open source based ecommerce webcart for online businesses. Henceforth, it will not be a tedious process anymore of sending manual invoices every time you receive an order in your online store.

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