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How to use Github and maximize its potential

Github is a managed web hosting service for software development projects that specifically use the Git source code revision software.

For those of you who have seen the OctoCat avatar (sorry old-time 007 fans) and wondered what’s up with Github using that, or even wondered what’s up with Github itself, probably the best answer I can give is… why not?

That’s also a good answer to the question: Why with over two dozen different open source software web hosting sites on the Internet, why do we need Github? After all, over half of them support the “Git” distributed revision control system software just like Github does.

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Are Hosting review sites any Good?

Web-hosting review is a fierce online market since web-hosts are dependent upon these sites to drive traffic to them. Therefore, a lot of these web-hosts will lower their prices in order to gain more clients and thus become more profitable. These are things that you will want to be on the lookout for whenever you are thinking of starting an online website. While this may sound great, there are some other things that you should also know about these hosting reviews sites. Of course, a service is not always about the cost, but also what about what will benefit you the most.

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The best blog platforms of 2011

Now that blogging has firmly entered the mainstream of online activities, the number of blogging services seems to be increasing by the day. But there are a few platforms out there that are miles ahead of the competition, offering the perfect mix of basic functionality and advanced features. These blog hosts each have their own unique take on just what blogging should be, so it’s important to consider their differences as well as their unifying characteristics.

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Why HTML5 is taking over Mobile Advertising


When developing mobile advertising, apps, and web content, developers must choose a script format that they believe will suit their purposes while reaching the largest possible number of customers. In the past, Javascript has been one of the most popular script choices, as it allowed for unusually complex web applications and was generally widely accepted. However, as the complexity of mobile advertising becomes a factor and companies look for new ways to build interactive websites with serious media content, HTML5 is becoming a more popular choice.

There are several major reasons for the growing popularity of HTML5 among mobile developers. For one, HTML5 allows developers the ability to offer new features and applications to their customers without going through the lengthy approval process that some mobile developers require for in-store “apps.” Apple’s iTunes App Store, for instance, has notoriously stringent standards. The app development process for the iPhone can be very frustrating and time-consuming, but by building an HTML5 webpage, a developer can introduce new features for its clients without subjecting itself to the approval of Apple or any other mobile company. Likewise, new features can be quickly added to an HTML5 page, whereas they could take weeks to add to an official mobile phone app.

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