Most Popular Open Source Platform Isn’t

Out of a survey done of eight major open source mobile platforms, Android was dead last. Android, the open-source underdog, scored just 23% on an openness survey – making it not only the lowest scorer but also the only platform to score less than 58%. Bazinga! The report from VisionMobile evaluated Android, Eclipse, the Linux […]

Review of RIM’s Blackberry Playbook

One of the latest entry into the Tablet market is the Blackberry Playbook from RIM. We know of RIM’s primary market to be the Enterprise users and its Blackberry continues to enjoy a strong foothold. However, of late, the rapid adoption of Apple’s iPad by Enterprise users have set RIM in motion to come-up with […]

Android Honeycomb’s Going Gets Tough

Of late, Android developers are in a fix. It has been six months since the launch of the Android Honeycomb Tablet in the Market and it has not garnered a potential user base. The problem clearly lies in the dearth in apps optimized for the Android Tablets and analysts are of the view that an […]

Is the Future of BlackBerry Secure in the Corporates?

In recent times, the ubiquity of RIM’s award winning smartphone BlackBerry has been shrinking, thanks to companies providing an option of allowing their employees to add third-party security applications to their own picked up or chosen smart phones. This certainly gives the employees the freedom to opt for their own smart phone and in addition […]

comScore Reports – Users Adore Samsung Android Phones

Gadgets rule this generation and the Androids have certainly proved to be the forerunners in this field. Top mobile and technology companies have launched their versions of the Android phones in the market. Although, almost all of them have seen a speedy consumer rate, yet comScore reports say that Samsung Galaxy phones have taken the […]

Mobile patents will soon go up for auction

We’ve all seen the world of mobile technology explode in recent years. Everything’s getting faster, better, and smaller with every attempt and with models like a HTC 4G Android Phone, it’s become a big business that’s finding its way into our huge economy. It’s a field where progress is measured in gigabytes and features and […]

Microsoft & Nokia give birth to ‘Mango’

It is always advantageous for the all concerned populace, when two champions with different related fields join hands to work constructively. This has been proved with two giants Microsoft and Nokia. They have joined hands to create new and sensational Nokia Windows Phone 7 and the release is just around the corner. Microsoft planned to […]

Is Microsoft Playing Big Brother with their new Skype Acquisition?

Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion. To put this in perspective, this is 5x what Google paid for YouTube. Many industry analysts believe that Microsoft overpaid for the VoIP giant, especially since Skype was sold in 2009 for just $2.75 billion. Given the huge jump in price there was likely an unannounced bidding war. With […]