Does Google Enjoy Rights to Delete Copyrighted MP3s from Gmail?

Amongst the million controversies that raise questions about the various rights that Google can exercise in the world of internet, which it presently dominates; the latest rumor has enraged people to a great degree. Just as Google uses its unique power to scan through innumerable YouTube content and discard those, which are illegally posted or are alleged of copyright issues, Google has been accused by an anonymous user, of removing music files from Gmail under the charge that those files have conflicting copyright affairs. However, the extent of truth in this rumor is still under debate.

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Bollywood leverages Facebook to audition & involve eager movie enthusiasts

New Star of India

On the set of the movie “New Star of India”.

An interesting development in Bollywood – use of Facebook to approach the common public and involved them in movie making.

Nissan created the ‘New Star of India’, a Bollywood movie auditioned on Facebook. It seems, quite a lot of people auditioned for an opportunity to act alongside the Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. From well over 2500 hopefuls, 20 were chosen to be in the movie.

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FBI seeks Private-Sector companies to build Global Social-Network Monitoring System

The top intelligence bureau in the US, the FBI, plans on expanding its cyber-spying toolset by inquiring to private-sector, social-app-building companies about the feasibility of building a world-wide social-network-monitoring spy network. Their foray into social-network monitoring is no surprise of course—given that the FBI, amongst other American intelligence agencies, have been intelligence-gathering via social networks for some time. Their new system will undoubtedly increase their online spying capabilities, social-network-monitoring capabilities that have already been used to build cases and arrest warrants for over 40 noted New York gangsters. The FBI also used social-network spying to spy WikiLeaks supporters, like the case with Icelandic MP, Birgitta Jónsdóttir.

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Move Over Mexican Drug Cartels – Feds say Google is the new Illicit (pharma) Drug Pusher

Before you get worried that Larry Page is prosecuted for large-scale drug trafficking, leading to a Google shutdown—you can rest at ease — they bought their way out of criminal charges — to the tune of $500,000,000 (and yes, I did write out the 0’s for effect).

The nation-wide prescription drug ring sting setup by US authorities built websites designed to offer illicit pharmaceutical products, and then purchased ads on Google — implicating the company, and several of its high-level executives who purportedly knew about the drug fraud. The Mexican-pharmaceutical-product selling websites were openly accepted by Google into their online advertising platform.

The US Attorney’s office reported that senior Google execs, including Larry Page, “knew about the illicit conduct” but didn’t pull the ads—thereby implicating them in nation-wide criminal drug activity.

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“Entrepreneur in Residence” – Who are you kidding?

I stumbled on this title quite a few times and I say it’s total crap, full of shit.

“Entrepreneur in Residence.”

Look around, quite a number of big companies have them. These ‘entrepreneurs’ flaunt their titles just as flashily as they could. Personally, I find it rather derogatory to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Let’s look at the some of the basic definition of an Entrepreneur.

  • A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.
  • An entrepreneur is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative.

Or the aptly defined definition by –

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

So, if you’re an “Entrepreneur in Residence” at Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Ebay, Google, Infosys, Microsoft, TCS, Yahoo! or any other Mega Corporation, stop doing that. Be entrepreneurial about your title and find a suitable one. You’re mocking yourself and the entrepreneurial spirit of Entrepreneurs.

Spirit Enlightened Film Festival

Culture Unplugged Studios’ ‘Spirit Enlightened’ aspires to trace the spirit that has led the humanity and evolutionary consciousness to present form and is in the midst of creating our future. The festival hopes to explore with you, ‘That’ which envelops to infuse & evolve the individual as well as collective being, expands our vision of time as well as place, enlivens our hearts, and enlightens our species to transcend the present state of being for the mystical new – the next state of supra-mental self. Lets observe & feel this divine/enlightening spirit in the moment of its performance, in the midst of humanity now and forever, through film-media.

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[nsfw-ish] Responsive b**bs, err, responsive content with html/css

Working on a website that needs to be responsive.

Client: Can we get the boobs of the images of those females be responsive. Make them bigger in desktop browsers, subtle in tablets and “ok” in Smartphones. Perhaps extra large on very big monitors.

Me: Hmmmm, sure, why not. I can even do a “boobs.js” to do a 3D canvas resizing to make it more realistic. It can fall back to Flash for IE.

So, I went ahead and started styling the pages. Here is the code snippet for the responsive boobs.

I know, that’s a scary nightmare, right!
Today morning, I woke up totally sweating with those codes haunting and hurting my brain.