How is it like during the first hour when your site is on top of Hackernews

A tweet led to an article, which was fortunate to be on Hackernews. The above two-minute video is a cut of how my site experienced the traffic during it’s initial first hour on Hackernews. And yes, NSFW is a service I run. It’s been giving my site a run for it’s traffic for quite a […]

Online Film Festival : Spirit Enlightened

You are invited to yet another online Film Festival : Spirit Enlightened – the festival that traces the spirit which has led the humanity forever and is in the midst of birthing new womb – new life through us. The story of spirit, divine, enlightenment, healing – from storytellers and evolutionaries across the world, unveiled […]

[Updated] 25+ Fun Holiday iPad/iPhone Games and Apps for your kid

My daughter turns three this December (2011). She has had an iPad since her Second Birthday. Here are the top Games and Apps my daughter loves to play. I hope your kid will like it too and keep them happy, while having fun during the Holidays. Here is the list (not in any particular order): […]

Military-turned Commercial Exoskeleton is Reanimating Paraplegics

Part paraplegic-lifesaver, part sci-fi-inspired-robotic-device-of-the-future, the new Bionic Exoskeleton from Ekso Bionics is bad-ass. Despite being initially funded by the US military, engineer extraordinaire Thomas Dwyer’s Skynet-inspired design isn’t aimed at world domination by a robotic race, but instead the less malevolent intention of re-animating paraplegics. The device seems to have come full circle though as […]

“I’m Getting Arrested” App perfect for Occupy Wallstreeters or pill-popping, drunk-driving, shoplifting celebrities

Getting arrested? There’s an app for that. Yes, it is official, there is an app for everything now. Inspired by the arrests of peaceful protesters in the Occupy Wall street movement the “I’m Getting Arrested” app was created to let loved ones, lawyers, or the media aware that you are currently getting arrested. The “I’m […]

@superamit How can we help you from India?

Amit Gupta, an entrepreneur, needs a Bone Marrow transplant. (source : Amit Gupta) I looked around, clicked on every clickable link on your site but there seem to be no way to even see if I can help, unless I’m in the US. Any idea how can the people from South Asian region help out? […]

Nishita Photo theme on, another Photography theme, Autochrome, released

About a month ago, I got an email from Lance Willett of Automattic that they would be launching Nishita WordPress theme on That was great news! Honestly, I had not really been maintaining the theme though it turn out be a rather popular theme. The version was released sometime back – Nishita Theme […]