2010– An Orwellian Year in Review

2010 might very well have been the year that we dipped further into an Orwellian nightmare as we lost all sense of privacy and dominion. This passing year we have experienced less privacy than ever before with changing Facebook privacy controls and the independence of the press has been obliterated after the persecution of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. Consider the following main tenets of Orwell’s 1984 in juxtaposition with the major waves in 2010:

Big Brother — Privacy is dead, get over it

Orwell’s concept of Big Brother was an all-seeing eye that watched us constantly, eerily similar to that of Facebook in 2010. This past year Facebook has come under serious scrutiny for changing its privacy constraints, which permeate almost every aspect of our culture. One cannot help but make comparisons between the all-seeing eye of Big Brother and the all-seeing eye of Facebook, both of which dissolve our rights to privacy.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was even quoted this year saying that “privacy is no longer a social norm,” and that privacy is dead, get used to it. These Big Brother-style comments come at a critical time for privacy issues, as more and more of our lives are brought online. With Facebook’s new searchable parameters, literally everything we do will be online– and at their mercy.

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