Plagiarism at its height of cheapness – Indian movies ripping 2Advanced animations

Coupla days back, I wrote about How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a life, a book which I read because of the Plagiarism Controversy. Little did I realize that, today I would be treated to another surprise about the extend of plagiarism in the Indian cinema popularly known as Bollywood.

I and many other Indian Cine-Movie goers are perfectly used to the fact that Bollywood Movies got inspirations from many Hollywood and other foreign movies. I have seen many bollywood movies that have exact replica of shots, ideas and execution – mix blends of 2-3 movies, masala-ed with story ideas from fiction novels – Sidney Sheldon, et al. I saw the movie Krrish today at the behest of our team. As soon as the movie’s part of the story-line cross that of Paycheck, I smiled – Paycheck – but then that was not a surprise for me at all.

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