Is Microsoft Playing Big Brother with their new Skype Acquisition?

Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion. To put this in perspective, this is 5x what Google paid for YouTube. Many industry analysts believe that Microsoft overpaid for the VoIP giant, especially since Skype was sold in 2009 for just $2.75 billion. Given the huge jump in price there was likely an unannounced bidding war.

With Microsoft overpaying for a company that does not rake in huge revenues, the question is, what are they going to do with it?

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Twitter client Twhirl acquired by Seesmic

TwhirlThe acquisition of Twhirl, for an undisclosed amount, by Seesmic is an interesting news from many angle, the most interesting being Twhirl an AIR application which can run on both Windows and Mac, and of course on Linux.

Twhirl is a popular desktop Twitter client, based on the Adobe AIR platform, developed by Marco Kaiser. Besides being able to acess Twitter service directly from the Desktop, Twhirl also cross post to other services like Pownce and Jaiku.

Twhirl is one of the best Desktop Twitter clients available, amongst others like Twitterific and Instant Messenger Clients. Seesmic plans to enhance the application further and eventually make it the official Seesmic Desktop Client.

I hope this news made a sudden burst of interest among Windows, Mac and Linux AIR Developers.

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Google acquires DoubleClick for $3.1 billion

DoubleClick,a global leader in digital marketing, advertising technology and services is being acquired by Google for a whooping $3.1 Billion in cash. The all-cash buy-out is about twice the amount Google spent to buy YouTube. Well, it is now pretty clear who will dominate the online advertising market. With this acquisition, Google have easily sidelined Yahoo and Microsoft. Google says that the acquisition is a big win for the publishers, as well as for advertisers and Internet users. Later in a conference, Google promises that user privacy will be handled as top priority among all the different integration challenges.

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