Apple eyeing Hulu?

What did I say about Apple in my previous articles? I always say that the name Apple itself sounds like King. Be it either of the Apples (fruit and smartphones), both of them are enticing. I guess Apple products get enticed day by day. Now the recent enticement to its throne is Hulu. Hulu is an on-demand streaming source for movies and TV shows or soap operas on desktop PCs and mobile phones.

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“Hudson has Our Trademark” – says Oracle

It seems as though there is some confusion with regards to the patenting (trademark issue) of Hudson, an Open-source project which Oracle apparently claims to own through the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. The hotchpotch is basically over whether Hudson needs to undergo a trademark process or not. Evidently, Sun Microsystems had decided not to trademark the name Hudson, when it initiated the project and now after having been bought out by Oracle, the project needs to be patented either with the same name — Hudson or some other name.

To prove that there has not been a patenting process carried out for Hudson, a search of the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website was done which resulted in 623 trademarks for Hudson in many kinds of businesses; however the open source project owned by Oracle did not throw up in the search. So, it appears that Hudson does not have Oracle’s trademark, at least for now.

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