Screw Protect IP, SOPA pushes ACTA-like Agenda — in other news: holy Anti-Piracy acronyms Batman!

Surprise, surprise — America is meddling in international affairs, again. The United State’s newest pet piracy project, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), is looking to bring the uber-American vigilante-style anti-piracy justice beyond its borders. This newest act in a long string of anti-piracy measures will allow the U.S Department of Justice to force an all-out boycott of websites hosting pirated content, regardless of their international locations.

As enforcement SOPA will require:

  1. ISPs to suspend access to their users for offending websites and
  2. require payment and ad networks (like Google AdWords, VISA and PayPal) to suspend services to offenders.

The new law would also force US-based search engines to remove the offending websites from search results.

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The Super-Secrective Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Gives the Finger to Citizens, NGOs and International Governing Bodies

In a rather ludicrous display of backdoor shenanigans several high-profile countries have created and signed a new trade agreement aimed at stomping-out the $250-billion counterfeiting market. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a new international trade agreement created by G8-led countries (representing 50% of world trade) was conceived under a veil of secrecy, without democratic vote or process.

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