The magic of Google

The Google Magic - There are more unfolds to wait!

If we try to find out internet users who would manage to do their job without using a service from Google, it would be a tough search. Today, several product names from Google are vividly used as an adjective amongst the internet users, esp. the kids and teens.

Years ago, Sabeer Bhatia came up with world’s first webmail which Microsoft owns today – Hotmail. It had all goodies one would want to see. Yahoo mail, Rediffmail and others came alongside but Hotmail and Yahoo continued to battle for the number one in this segment. All this continued to happen while Google was known to be a search engine, of course the best in what it does.

Blogger was with Google but it had yet to see its best days ahead. Then came Gmail — fast, intuitive and brand Google! Students, freelancers, internet savvy men and women wanted to have one with their name. (and possibly a “.” to distinguish the first name from the last!) Ever since, we’ve seen masses moving to Gmail. The rest is history. Google Apps was another feather in it’s cap. Today, many of us proudly use Google Apps for email, calender and more! Continue reading