The new rules for marketing

Marketing has been used the same way for years. The strategy that marketers have used has gone something like this:

  • The company decides what they want the customer to think of their product.
  • The company yells to the customer to buy the product.
  • The company waits to see if the customer ever decides to purchase.

For years, this process may have worked. Companies just needed to get their message out more often than their competitors. However, in today’s world, customers are exposed to a lot of messages every day. A Google Answers thread shows that different sources have come up with different estimates. Some range as low as 247 (Consumer Reports), but the standard estimate is that a customer is exposed to 3,000 ads every day.

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Pay-per-click is inferior to SEO but can still have a purpose

Online marketers are spending billions of dollars in the U.S. alone trying to use pay-per-click advertising to promote their products. The return on investment would assume at first that this is money well spent. But is it really?

While only 15% of the people who use Google, click on paid ads, this results in a substantial amount of traffic. But then you need to consider that 85% of the users are clicking on links to websites that are not paying a cent to be posted.

This is why SEO tends to be a much more lucrative form of promotion. However, pay-per-click is not necessarily a bad thing to try in the meantime for two reasons.

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The spam business that arts in cyberspace

Today there are many types of “electronic-spam”, including the most famous “E-mail spam” aka “unsolicited e-mail”, “Forum Spam”, “Newsgroup Spam” Advertisement and forgery in a newsgroup, “Messaging Spam or Spim” that is spam through instant messaging system for advertisement or even extortion. On the web, there is an important type of spam called “Spamdexing” – the art of manipulating a search engine to create the illusion of popularity of a particular website.

The University of Maryland issued a report in 2003, saying that spam costs businesses approximately $22 billion in lost productivity each year. There seems to be a no easy ways to deal with spam. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said in 2004: “two years from now, spam will be solved”. Well, that is another mis-prediction from Bill Gates.

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Ad buyer duped by people selling ads on my site

I would not put screenshots of the paypal receipt, the email nor the name of the person who have sold Text Link Ads on my site without me even knowing about it at all. It came to light only after the person buying the ad space contacted me. He is filing a Buyer Complaint report with Paypal.

The ad space was supposedly spotted as an auction on iWebTool – the original link is taken down as the auction is over. They were auctioning $350 for a text link ad for 6 months on

I am not sure about this part but iWebTool apparently seem to sell ad space for websites. I have no affiliation nor any relationship with iWebTool. I am also not blaming them of their authenticity but just trying to address the fact that I have no relation with them so far. Thus, I should not be held responsible for any eventuality like the one described above.

If I can remember correctly, it was late 2004 that I decided to go with the wave – to have Google Adsense – on my site. It was an awesome feeling when I received my first Check from Google during late February, 2005 – a sum of $114.49 earned over a period of about 90 days.

Very early 2005, it marked another relationship with Teknopoint, an authorized Macromedia Training Partner, who wanted to lay a banner right on the front page and on each and every article. Ever since then, Himanshu (CEO of Teknopoint), also a personal friend of mine felt that the site receives good incoming links from my site. It even generates many leads to his institute teaching Macromedia Softwares specially Flash. Teknopoint is currently an Adobe Authorized Partner and gives exclusive training on Adobe Softwares.

This overwhelming response have pushed me to take a decision to re-design my site so it accommodate the growing need for ad space. Let me think over the same and I’ll also try to be more selective from now on. However, in any eventuality, I’ll never be accepting link ads that has anything to do with pornography nor anything that is illegal nor piracy. For the remaining, I will take my own calculated decision.


I am sorry if anything goes wrong when you approached third party vendors but I would not be able to help in that case. Please settle the issues with the third party vendor.