Is advertisement a viable revenue for your blog?

Money (source : Andrew Magill)

You might think that when you invest in your blog, it would do good if it gave you something in return. We all do. But what do you do when the advertisers make more than your blog? You devise a game-plan!

Bloggers’ income is seeing a rough patch along with the world economy. According to Northcliffe Media (the regional newspaper division of Daily Mail and General Trust) recorded a 12% year-on-year slouch in advertising revenue till March 2011. But, this does not mean much for the ever-changing online industry. With tens of thousands of bloggers and millions of readers, there can never be too many or too little.

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The Future of Mobile Advertising — 3 Strategies

Like it or not Mobile Advertising is here to stay. You will see advertisements on your phone — in increasing quantities — and in different ways.

With smartphone market penetration at over 30% the smart mobile devices have already strengthened mobile advertising and will continue to solidify mobile strategies as market penetration increases from users replace their aging handsets.

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Can you use Adzly ads on your blog?

Adzly is a new advertising network that many bloggers have taken advantage of. Google Adsense has traditionally been used for bloggers to promote their sites, but new blogs can sometimes be great opportunities to receive traffic that would otherwise have a lot of competition. However, you can’t expect to gain anything from Adzly by cutting and pasting a few quotes from your website. You will need to put some thought into your ad and make sure that it is appealing to your target audience. Hopefully, this is already the core of your marketing strategy.

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Openads rebrands as OpenX; Jon Miller joins board as Chairman

OpenXOpen Source Ad-Server company Openads has been in the news recently for many good things — it got a $15.5 million Series B fund. Earlier, it got a $5 million in Series A capital fund, led by Index Ventures, with participation from First Round Capital, Mangrove Capital Partners, and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

Openads also rebranded itself yet again as OpenX. It may be noted that OpenAds was re-branded from its earlier incarnation — PHPAdsNew. OpenX is perhaps one of the most popular Ad-Server used by many Publishers. They’ve an estimated 30,000 Publishers using the software on over 100,000 sites spreading across 150 odd countries, in more than 20 languages. Even Federated Media is built on top of OpenX and TechCrunch uses OpenX to serve ads on its site.
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SnapGalaxy introduces revenue earning model

SnapGalaxySnapGalaxy was launched in late 2006 with their primary focus of allowing users to send photo prints to friends and relatives. SnapGalaxy services are divided into 2 sub-categories — Printing Service and Online Service.

They allow you to send your photos anywhere in the world. They deliver premium quality photo products to their users and their friends, family and relatives. There is unlimited photo storage, photo sharing, PhotoFolio, VirtualPhoto and much more.

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