Kenyan Entrepreneurs use technology to boost Trade Opportunities for Low-Tech Farmers

It’s been known for quite some time that the Global South’s, and its people’s, biggest hindrance is not legacies of colonialism or anesthetizing malaise but a lack of substantive trade opportunities caused by an inability to access global markets on any meaningful scale. So when we hear about endeavors like M-Farm, where developing-world entrepreneurs use […]

Cloud Computing will develop rural and developing areas

Cloud computing has the ability to transform the developing world, and bring it into the high tech age at lightning speed via what the NY Times calls ‘Gandhi engineering‘. The challenges previously faced by developing countries over reliable power sources, lack of connectivity and expensive equipment costs that were prohibitive for developing areas to modernize […]

Africa: the Next Tech Frontier

Africa poses unique challenges for tech entrepreneurs as different locations do not have the same access to technology, stable power supplies and knowledge bases. When three Ugandan engineers and IT experts took this into consideration they built a rugged computer out of existing oil drum barrels, using solar powered panels for juice.