National Defense Authorization Act 2012 gives Americans a taste of their own Medicine

The initial cloud of smoke has cleared on 2012’s National Defense Authorization Act and we are still no better informed about the extent of its newly formed ambiguous power than we were when it was passed two weeks ago.

The NDAA of 2012 broke with its traditionally monotonous roots when its scope spread far beyond the traditional yearly Department of Defense budgeting. In a seemingly dodgy move the government slipped in the now highly controversial Section 1021 and 1022—constitution-raping pieces of legislation akin the Patriot Act on steroids. The two sly sections allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of terror activities, without a trial. Think: Guantanamo Bay tactics for Americans, on US soil.

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Techies Productivity: Americans 10 times better than Indians

Indian IT WorkersI was reading this glaring article in Mumbai Mirror, a Mumbai based Newspaper from Times of India. If it of course, an undeniable fact that India is emerging as the global back-office of the Internet-Technology Industry and the backbone to this is the skilled yet economical workforce it has in abundance. However, industry experts opine that it will take ages before it can catch up with the global giants in terms of productivity. Research and Studies have revealed that, an American Techie is about 10 times more productive than their Indian counterparts.

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