Please help me find a friend of someone

Let me try if I my site can be of any help for this person who have commented on this Photo while it was still with my Gallery setup. I took it for just those comments where people write to get back to them but I think he is very authentic as he have taken the trouble to find my email and mail me now. All the comments from the Gallery installation was lost because of a stupid mistake on my part. Referring back to my post about the Movie Amu, he have emailed me again. I’ll reproduce the mail (slightly edited to preserve his mail ID, Telephone Number to myself). Please help him if possible to find his friend.

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AmuSeen in the picture is “Amu” director Shonali Bose (right) at Fame Adlabs, Andheri, Mumbai (INDIA) after her movie on a Sunday evening, interacting with the audience. It is not always everyday that you watched a movie and realized that most of the crew is sitting around you watching the same with you.

I am not really a big fan of Hindi movies popularly known as the Bollywood movies in India; I can still count the number (less than 10 at the time of writing this article) of Hindi movies that I have watched in theatres in my whole tenure in Mumbai. More because of the fact that what I see on the streets, social gatherings, mall etcetera looks very much the same as what happens in the movies. This movie was one of those far and in between Hindi movies that I watch and liked it for its different approach of treatment of the whole subject.

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