Intel’s LibreOffice gives you Liberty

Intel – the iconic name in the computer industry has delivered a wide range of processors over the eons. As a matter of fact, processor plays key role in the performance of desktop or laptop. Processors developed by Intel are used by the majority of computer manufacturers all over the world.

Now, Intel has spread its wings to offer application programs in association with The Document Foundation (TDF). The open source product is available for distribution through AppUp store. AppUp store is meant for purchase of Ultrabook which was setup by Intel. LibreOffice which is distributed by Intel has the capability to pose a challenge to Microsoft’s Office products. No more customers are required to shell heavy price for the purchase of MS-Office products.

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Elisha Tan, digital skill Pimp and online Entrepreneur discusses her new learning platform Learnemy


The greatest inventions develop out of need. Elisha Tan found one. Her new web application, Learnemy plugs a hole in the marketplace — for peer-to-peer, formally informal learning.

Learnemy is a platform for knowledge-thirsty individuals looking to connect with others to learn skills and/or sell/utilize their skills. By providing the platform Elisha is connecting people to learning opportunities that you otherwise couldn’t find. For example if you want to learn the violin but the no local music schools offer violin lessons, or they do but its $100 a lesson — instead you can connect with someone in your community on Learnemy who could teach you the violin, at the agreed upon amount of $25 per lesson. Think of it as a Craigslist for skill learning — on steroids — with a built-in payment platform.

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Application Configuration (XML) File

Today as I was doing a round of Java Blogs, I came across an article, “On Configuration and XML“.

We have been using some sorta config.xml for most, well for all our Flash Applications. Not only does this makes life easier for the client but even for us while testing, debugging and even when we have to make quick changes without getting dirty with the codes. And yes, once the Application is deployed, changing nifty things is a breeze with the config.xml file. You should have read the happy, satisfied client’s mails when we simply tell them to change some strings in the xml and viola, they have what they want.

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