Digital Post-Cards from Hipster

Hipster is the newest in line of popular brands that have developed new ideas to improve upon the social media mobile photo sharing in the local market scene. Hipster has developed an iPhone app for this purpose. The difference with this app is that it is geared towards sending in digital postcards.

Using the app is simple and is supposed to be fun. You take a snap and then log in to your Facebook or email account. The app has 10 custom filters for you to unleash your creativity through different fonts, styles and image filters. When satisfied with your digital postcard profile, you can post it online so your friends and acquaintances can check it out. New additions to the innovativeness include geographic location of the senders.

Therefore, you can edit in your current location information as well as put in details about what you are doing at that particular time. You can share these digital postcards on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media profiles.

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James Whittaker‘s FreshAIRApps is not just a website that showcase some of the best and popular Adobe AIR Applications but also provides the community with AIR updates, tutorials and other resources.

The Showcase is the main attraction at FreshAIRApps. It gives a review of an AIR app and allows users to provide opinions in the comments and rate the apps. Users/Visitors can also submit an AIR app for reviewing.

FreshAIRApps is perhaps the first of its kind to concentrate totally on Adobe AIR. It might just prove to be a great resource site for the Adobe AIR developer and designer community.

Screenweaver HX – write haXe Desktop Applications

Screenweaver HX is the haXe wrapper to develop Desktop Application. With SWHX, you create an application by using two layers —

  1. the System layer : written in haXe and using the Neko API, you can access the local filesystem, databases, network sockets.
  2. the Flash layer : written in haXe or any other technology capable of producing SWF, you can use this layer to display the graphical interface, handle user interactions, play sound and video.

You can communicate synchronously between theses two layers by using haXe Remoting. These two layers are both crossplatform and all you need is the SWHX Boot executable that is initializating the application. Visit SWHX for more details – installation, tutorial, samples (ActionScript, Remoting) and Extending it.