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Use of crowd intelligence to tag your Posts – “TagThis” Plugin

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TagThisAn effort to allow collective crowd tagging

Ever since the first public beta of WordPress 2.3, a nagging itch had kept me worried — “How and who the hell will tag my old articles?” Tags are awesome but ‘are you sure you have tagged your post effectively?’, ‘will you go back and be able to tag all your older articles?’

Well, I searched for a similar or near-similar plugins which can accomplish this feat of tagging by your reader, and blog visitors. Unfortunately, Google was unable to find me anything I can use. I went ahead and drafted a plan for a custom plugin. I approached few ‘awesome’ WordPress Plugin developers and about five of them agreed to collaborate with me to come up with a plugin which we can release to the public under the GPL license. The good part was that most the developer were ready to do it for free. With schedule clashes and mis-timings with the other developers; I finally ended up with a kick-ass developer — Anirudh Sanjeev.

The development took way longer than anticipated due to many timeline hurdles, project clashes and yes, we got a bit lazy along the way. Fortunately, with a refreshed iteration of the project, a WordPress Plugin to allow your blog readers and visitors to tag your posts (articles) is ready — “TagThis”.



  • 2008 1st Feb: Code updated to work with PHP 4 and so you can start adding your favorite and appropriate tags to this and other articles on this site.

Brajeshwar and Shanta got married on 07-07-07

Brajeshwar and Shanta
Brajeshwar got married to Shanta on 07-07-07

I was actually thinking of 11-11-11 as the cool date to get married. However, things don’t always happen the way you want, you have to twist things happening around you to make it work for you in the better way. So, today, on this cool numbered date 07-07-07, me and Shanta got married officially and legally.

Links to Marriage Photos at the end of this article.


Due to the overwhelming interest from our parents, gurdians and relatives, the whole plan was super pre-ponded and everything started to fall into places, dates and calendared events. It all started with a family-only miniature Engagement held at a local Temple in Mumbai (INDIA) on the 26th February, 2007. Then, according to local well-wishers, pundits and sanskrit scholars, our marriage dates were slotted for the 20th June, 2007 which was supposedly very auspicious for the traditional wedding day. It was later learnt that more than 5,000 marriages happened that day in Imphal, Manipur (INDIA). Well, we got married in front of over 500 visitors, relatives and family members gathering. That made the people from home happy as we hit the right dates and heed to their likes, advises and wishes.


Shanta Oinam

Ever since I was in 10th grade, I knew Shanta as the youngest, naughtiest, the most talkative and of course the funniest, sister of one of my friend. Never had I in my mind thought she will be my girlfriend or more strangely my wife. I would ask her to make me good tea whenever I visited their home and even remember lecturing her to study well, sometimes getting down to teaching a bit of Maths, Physics here and there.

She was also one of most out-going and well-connected girl, who loves to ride around the town’s nook and corner on her bike almost everyday. I saw her, bump on her at most known places – restaurants, ice-cream parlors, soft-drink joints – and cinema houses. That easy access to her made her an ideal cupid for my erstwhile girlfriends. She would happily went in and bring out my girlfriends so I can enjoy my dates.

She used to have the shortest hair-cut a girl can have, She was rather very boy-ish. She is also popular for the way she scooters her bike fast away from your sight. It was my usual habit to scold her to start acting like a girl.

After I finished high school, there was no connection with my friend and thus never saw her again until early last year (2006) when I was looking for new recruits for the QA team at Mixercast. Co-incidentally, she was looking for a change of job and her brother got in touch with me through Orkut. Shanta got employed with Mixercast and my interaction with her started afresh but things were different this time.

Her hair has grown long and she was more lady-like, which I was extremely surprised of. She had shed her typical trademarked short-pants and she looked more matured in her new attire, dresses and accessories. I honestly do not have a clue when everything started but we remember talking to her mother about marriage dates, plans for engagements, ceremonial events, et al.


I’ve always believed that I should wear a wedding ring but that comes none in our tradition. So, I decided to make the engagement in a manner where we exchange the wedding rings. Shanta settled for a D’damas ring which was simple and can be worn daily. Mine was a local made 24 carat hand-crafted gold-ring popularly known as the Bombay Belt (it does look like a belt). I tried to get “Shanta” etched in the inside of the ring like the Elvish inscription of the Lord of the Rings but the local Goldsmith was unable to do it and settled for a simple Text that reads “Shanta”. The Engagement took place on Monday, the 26th of February, 2007.


HeijingpotAs planned, we left Mumbai for Imphal on 30th of May, 2007 to give us enough buffer time to prepare for the marriage, send out invites, etc. The actual events related to the Marriage starts on the 18th June, 2007, known as Heijingpot. On this day, the families of the Bride and the Groom exchange edibles, talk, and does many poojas/prayers. There was even an additional Cake-cutting event on the side of the Bride which I find it very new (it wasn’t there as far as I can recollect form childhood days). Most things were new to me, because as a grown-up, I was attending the first every Manipuri Marriage which ironically was my own.

The next day, me, the Groom gets the official/traditional invite from the Bride’s side through a messenger which involves lots of praying, blessings and exchange of betel leaves and nuts plattered underneath with nicely cut circular banana leaves. In fact, these three plant items were most rampart in the whole Marriage and I saw our rooms filled with them for distribution to the guest, visitors and the Gods and Goddesses.

The MarriageThe 20th of June, 2007 was indeed the traditional Manipuri Marriage for me and Shanta. It was a whole day event, tiresome, real sore in the rear, stiff neck for looking straight for hours. The Manipuri Marriage is supposed to be of “serious matter” and people aren’t supposed to laugh aloud specially the Bride and the Groom. Well, I stole a few smiles, grins here and there while Shanta was really generous with her wide smiles.

I don’t quite saw much part of that day, as I was trying hard to concentrate on being a serious Groom. It was even against the tradition not to go out even to pee if you once go inside the Marriage Arena and that space last for over 4 hours or so. Both families had tried their best to cut down on the guest list and that left them controlling for a crowd of just about 500. And the extended singings from the traditional marriage singers took a huge toll of my time and I can vividly remember coming up with many alternative ideas to shorten such Manipuri Marriage keeping it to just the main event but still be able to perform all traditional deeds that we had to do. Of course, I do remember being jolted from that tradition-shaking-alternate-project-plan by an excruciating pain in my bum as I was sitting there for over 2 hours or more waiting for the whole thing to get over. Finally, all went well with no pee-feeling in between and I was able to pack off that day on the specially-prepared-yellow-wedding-bed. Seeing the bed, I was about to gasp, “Oh! Shit” but I kept that to myself.

Then came the day after Marriage, that saw another visits from the Bride’s parents and relatives, lots of guests, lot of eating & talking. The second day after Marriage was nothing eventful but a preparing for the third day that turn out to be the Big Feast Day at the Bride’s parental home, followed by a similar Big Feast on the 5th day. I came back to Mumbai on the 27th, things cooled down and I’m back online. Honeymoon(s) are being planned for later dates as I need to finish off many un-finished business.


07-07-07Actually, my earlier proposal to the family relatives and parents was to make this date the Marriage Date and thus get registered there in Manipur itself. It was rejected, so I had submitted my Marriage Registration request and all details while I was still in Mumbai during May so I can have the Official Marriage on this cool date – 07-07-07. And so finally, on the last lag of our Marriage, Shanta and Me got the official Marriage Certificate dated – 07-07-07. We will be celebrating this date as the official, legal and actual Marriage Date.

Well, that’s it, I got married. Now, I have to see that all my online profiles reads “Married” instead of the “Single” status.


While I was in Manipur, I was able to sneak out to take some photographs of some new and scenic locations.

Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme

This is worth an article than just doing an update. Nico Berlee liked my theme so much that he went ahead and Ajaxified my theme. Read the details about his Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme. Just in case his site goes down or something goes wrong, I have taken a backup of the downloads and is available in the UPDATES section the article – Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme.


Brajeshwar on Flash Timeline – 10 Years of Flash

Brajeshwar on Flash Timeline - 10 years of Flash

I honestly did not know that My Site was included in the Flash Timeline, Adobe never told me. I was interviewing a Designer/Developer for CSS/XHTML and he told me that he felt good talking to me. He saw my name on the Flash Timeline and asked me to confirm if that was me. I told him, “Well, I do not know, let me check out.” I thought, may be he meant the one in the Adobe Community Experts. I had checked Flash Timeline before but not that close to look at each and every screen, frame, text, word, link!

After finishing up the telephonic interview with the candidate. I double checked Flash Timeline, clicked on the “Click to Launch” link and watch over the whole interaction and of course, I saw my name mentioned yet again by Adobe. It is in the year 2001, they even have that red glow thingy glowing over Mumbai, India to mark my location. However, I am not sure how did they dig up the text describing my site. I think I had that long back and it did strike back good memories of the time when I started off with Flash.

For ten years, Flash technology has been the de facto standard for creating rich, interactive content. Today, over two million Flash developers use Flash to create content for web sites, interactive presentations, and mobile devices. In celebration of the Flash community, Adobe has created an interactive timeline so that you can explore the dramatic history and promising future of Flash.


Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme

Christian Nelson currently runs the KISS WordPress Theme and he prompted me to reproduce Brajeshwar v7.0 for WordPress. He gave me a good reason to do it, he dropped $500 into my paypal account so that I can have it developed for him and also make it free for any interested blogger to use with their WordPress setup.


Again, special thanks to Christian Nelson.


  • 2006 June 12 — Revised the style for calendar support and rectified a minor bug.
  • 2006 August 7 — Thanks to Emily Robbins for the link for sending over 1000+ visits to this article (as of today, the 7th August, 2006).
  • 2006 October 17 — Nico Beerle have a modified Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme. Here are the Backup Downloads just in case – Brajeshwar v7.0 Ajaxified and it requires his modified PageNav.
  • 2006 Dec 20 — Fixed the pagination bug. Please re-download the theme again.
  • 2007 Jan 19 — Just discovered the theme at WordPress Theme Viewer.
  • 2007 Jan 22 — Solved the non separation between paragraphs, please download the fixed version from the same download link. For those who want to solve themselves, open style.css and look for { } (should be around line 325). Just after the “}” in the next line add this p {
margin: 0.8em 0;
line-height: 1.5em;

You might just like to be part of our Team!

Oinam TeamEarly morning of April 8, 2006 our team set out on a 2 day Team Picnic to Splendour Country, a resort on the outskirts of Pune, India. Ealier, we did our new trainee introduction to the team with a Movie and Bowling session. It may be a small endeavor on our part but we have been pushing our work/play culture to be more in the lines of not just a working office environment but like a college/university campus where people love to hang out, chill and work in the due process. Our Work/Play Environment Motto have always been People First and our work ethics What’s Next.

Why People First?

This is rather my own axiom that if the people involved with the team are good, progressing ahead and are well informed, then the team on the whole progresses ahead. We do not groom our company/team to be good so that the people in it can benefit but we groom our people so that the company/team can benefit in return. Every individual in our team is thus very important; individual growth is our primary goal. If that primary goal is achieved the others falls well in their rightful place automagically.

So, why not join our team?

If you good in Technology – be it in Flash/ActionScript, Flex, Flash Remoting, Flash Media Server, Red5, ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, Designs/Visualization, XHTML/CSS – Web Standards, Technical Copy Writing, Project Management; we are eager to talk to you and discuss how we can push your technical skills forward and grow together. We’re extremely confident that you will never regret joining our team.

We love people good with games too. Come and challenge amongst the team with Counter Strike, Need for Speed and other games.

Some of us are real gadgets freaks and our daily work includes working with the same. So, be willing to be part of the team that work on applications for the likes of iPods, Video iPods, PSPs, Set-top-Boxes, Flashlite/J2ME – Mobile Phones and much more.

We have heard rumous that our pay/perks are sometimes much higher than some of the best companies in India and we surpass similar designations’ pay/perks of these companies easily. Well, a typical scenario of a good developer in our team shoot up to over 300% pay hike in 3 to 5 months have become normal for the team now. If you are interested in some bulleted list, then beside the free snacks, lunch package, medical/dental, leaves, we have others like

  • Personal Laptops within 6-12 months
  • Mobile Phone Bills paid by us
  • Sabbatical – starting with a fully paid air fare, lodging, food within India with the completion of 12 months employment (think what would be after completion of 2 years and 3 years)

How to join us?

  • If you are interested, look at Oinam Jobs and apply accordingly.
  • Mail directly to jobs [at] with your CV, demos, sample links, source code fragments, classes, packages.
  • Contact us with Job Applications.

Feel free to apply even if your skillset do not fit the current requirements as we always have something to do to enhance technology, prototype and push its envelope way beyond what it can endure. We’re a team that is willing to give the likes of Flash a scare with what we can do.

Not to really rub it in, but we have lots of fun all the time while we work. Well, learnt those tricks from the like of Macromedia and from what we heard/learnt of Google work culture. It is just that, we love to copy successful entities and follow their good ideas even though we start that from the small/minimal implementation of the same on an even small, closely knitted form.

I would even consider just listening to Freeman Murray talk about technology and startups is worth the effort of being in our team, or perhaps just watch the video of Bill Lee about India from Som.

Our team is in India, so please do not apply if you are not in India or not willing to relocate to India.