Windows’ biggest challengers – Mac OSX & Linux

According to Gartner‘s new released data – One of the toughest challenges that Microsoft windows has to face is, the new growing market for Mac OSX and Linux OS. Statistically, the revenues from global operating systems was estimated to be $30.4 billion in 2010 out of which Microsoft asserts their first position with a 78.6 percent market share.

While the tremendous increase in the growth of Linux and Macs in the server and client operating system segments was worthy of note, the rate of growth of the Apple’s platform Mac OS increased at the rate of 15.8% while that of Microsoft’s Windows grew by only 9.2% as reported by Gartner.

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Is it “All Fair” in Google & Facebook’s War?

The big difference in modus-operandi are, that, Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook Inc; whereas Google is a search engine for any information. On prima-facie, there shouldn’t be any competition, as the businesses are different. But, it’s definitely not the case.

According to a report, Facebook used a PR Firm to deliberately daub Google’s image on the ground of privacy issues. This news has raised many eyebrows. The competition in the social space, between the two behemoths have taken a new turn. Dan Lyon of the The Daily Beast informed that Facebook hired a public relation firm named Burson-Marsteller to smudge Google’s face. According to Lyon, it seemed that someone had hired Burson-Marsteller, a top PR firm, to promote anti — Google stories. However, this has come as a surprise to many as Facebook has faced criticism from various sects for not being providing enough privacy and security to its members.

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Android’s ‘Business Thrust’ predicted to crush Apple

Till last year Apple was a pioneer in the Global mobile market with its patented Apple App Store and was earning good revenue. But now the scenario is getting changed with the entry of another big name Google in the category with its Mobile Platform — Android. Alike Apple, Google is also giving more focus on latest applications to attract the user with their Android Market.

Apple’s App Store has about three times the number of apps in the Android Market, with 300,000 for Apple to 100,000 for Android. But in April, Android introduced 28,000 new Apps in the Market compared to 11,000 in the App Store. According to the research firms; with this growth rate around August 2011, the number of apps in both stores will be almost equal. After that, Android will continue to get more new applications per month than the Apple App Store. With very clear future plans Android is attacking cleverly on the drawbacks of Apple’s Business tactics. Apple applies inconsistent rules to their store for what’s allowed and what isn’t.

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VALUE-able Facebook is now worth $50 Billion

The end of last week seemed pretty worthy for Facebook, as it raised a whopping amount of $1.5 Billion on Friday taking its financial valuation to a net worth of $50 Billion. This should definitely make Mark Zuckerberg smile ear-to-ear as his baby project, Facebook has grown to become the third largest online service in terms of financial worth. Google leads the charts with at second position in this list.

Facebook has over-taken Yahoo! and eBay in financial standings. All thanks to the recent investment deals Facebook had with non-US investors through Goldmans Sachs which was worth $1 Billion. In addition to this Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies had also invested half a billion dollars in Facebook during the month of December.

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Yahoo! opts for Downsizing again, to Revive Business

Let me first wish all readers and regular followers of Brajeshwar a very Happy New Year, 2011. 2010 could have been a bad year for many and here is hoping for a better start in 2011. A bad year it was for many at Yahoo! too.

Yes, Yahoo! has done it again. In less than 4 years the company has gone ahead and issued the pink slip to as many as 2,700 employees. History says that the Sunnyvale, California based company had sacked around 1,400 jobs in the year 2008 during the time of recession and then up to 700 job holders were shown the gate in the very next year 2009.

Following this is yet another lot of 600 people who now have to look for other job opportunities. The downsizing saga continued with Yahoo! chopping of 600 jobs during December mid-month of 2010, but the number supposedly higher than the real deal. There were speculations of at least a 20% layoff which in real-time has reduced to a 4% layoff.

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