Flashcom Video Player Source

The title would have been much better if I can have a full sentence; “A Flashcom Application coded with OOP patterned to MVP, to detect user bandwidth and play specific FLV“.

We have recently been fascinated by a fad; “no hanging codes on frames”. You can remember the old days of Flash 5 when there was no option but to write piggy-bag codes on Buttons and MovieClips. But hey, there was Flem (by Branden Hall), which helped you write codes pretty much on the frames and not really on top of the MovieClips. But then as Flash/ActionScript evolved into a more matured form, things have taken shape in a much better way.

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Remove HandCursor for Button or MC

Here is a common reply to my students, forum users for the querry, “How do I remove the hand cursor from all instance of Buttons or MCs without specifying it individually?”. Modify the script below to suit your needs. Apply it using removeHand();

myRoot = this;
function removeHand() {
 for (i in myRoot) {
  if ((myRoot[i] instanceof Button) || (myRoot[i] instanceof MovieClip)) {
   myRoot[i].useHandCursor = false;