Ever wanted to take a Supercomputer for a test drive?

If you’ve ever wanted to take a supercomputer for a test drive, now is your chance. Solve that probabilistic analysis. Figure out some brute force code breaking. Conduct 3D nuclear testing simulations. Or, if you’re more cosmopolitan, do some Molecular Dynamics Simulations. No matter what your supercomputing needs, Cycle Computing will get you there. Check […]

Cloud Computing will develop rural and developing areas

Cloud computing has the ability to transform the developing world, and bring it into the high tech age at lightning speed via what the NY Times calls ‘Gandhi engineering‘. The challenges previously faced by developing countries over reliable power sources, lack of connectivity and expensive equipment costs that were prohibitive for developing areas to modernize […]

Microsoft plans on showing off its ‘Cloud Power’

The time has arrived for Microsoft to start ‘showing off’ it’s much talked about ‘cloud power’. There were quite a few technology news articles that were focused on Microsoft venturing into the Cloud Computing arena; and it is about time for them to make some noise which shall enable them to fetch some business. By […]

Hosting with Mosso Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing is the simplification of the data center by leveraging virtualization technologies to reduce complexity through homogenizing environments. Consumers are concerned with services it can perform rather than the underlying technologies.