Adobe Feeds Aggregator

MXNA’s been a good resource site for Adobe Technology with articles being aggregated from many blogs. However, of late, there were lots of uproar from the community as MXNA wasn’t able to withstand the traffic onslaught. It was plagued with regular downtimes and slow in serving the aggregated contents.

MXNA was started, during the times of Full as a Goog, by Mike Chambers and Christian Cantrell as a simple aggregation site for Macromedia technology related blogs. My website was lucky to be one of those first few which MXNA aggregated during its early days. With the move to Adobe, MXNA grew tremendously, outgrew its infrastructure and it has been really seeking attention for an improvement.
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Fusion Authority Quarterly Update Magazine

ColdFusionThe Fusion Authority Quarterly Update (FAQ-U) is a print publication dedicated to collecting the best and most useful technical articles of high interest to ColdFusion developers. Each issue is based on a theme. The journal is designed to be clear, easy to read and highly informative.

Every quarter, Fusion Authority provide you with the well-written, up-to-date, comprehensive articles that you need to be a ColdFusion professional. Each issue is a mini-book of at least 80 pages of content written by experts — Sean Corfield, Raymond Camden, Michael Dinowitz, Hal Helms, Jared Rypka-Hauer, Joe Rinehart and Matt Woodward and many others.

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