Adobe Flash can modify Router’s UPnP Interface

Isn’t it a perfect Sunday to read another lambast of the Flash Player for Security Issues?

Security firms and Interested Institutes keeps stumbling on security issues and vulnerabilities almost every waking hour of the day. Very recently, Google Researchers documented serious vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash SWFs. Another Flash related security issues surfaced about a weeks ago that the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) interface of your Router may be highly vulnerable to use by hackers seeking to modify their settings — such as choice of DNS Server — from an external location using Flash.
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Application Configuration (XML) File

Today as I was doing a round of Java Blogs, I came across an article, “On Configuration and XML“.

We have been using some sorta config.xml for most, well for all our Flash Applications. Not only does this makes life easier for the client but even for us while testing, debugging and even when we have to make quick changes without getting dirty with the codes. And yes, once the Application is deployed, changing nifty things is a breeze with the config.xml file. You should have read the happy, satisfied client’s mails when we simply tell them to change some strings in the xml and viola, they have what they want.

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