LiveShare from Cooliris

Paris Live
LiveShare is a new Photo Sharing Site (source : Paris Live Pics on Liveshare)

There seem to be no lack of Photo sharing sites these days. LiveShare is the newest offering from Cooliris. LiveShare is available for your phones (iPhone, Android or Windows 7) and also for the Web. LiveShare is targetted towards get-togethers, parties, sporting events, trips, and other experiences with friends and family, as multiple cameras share into the group photo streams you create.

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Cooliris for the iPhone

Cooliris is the browser extension that revolutionizes the way you view media on your computer. It is now available as an application for your iPhone! Cooliris for the iPhone allows you to search the web for media and news in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate way. Your results are displayed on an endlessly streaming 3D Wall that is a breeze to browse with your iPhone touchscreen.

Cooliris: iTunes Store.

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PicLens is a free download that transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D experience for online images and videos. With their recent update, they’ve included metadata such as image title labels of Flickr photo captions, while you surf through the images.

They’ve also integrated a new UI, which further streamlines navigation with a more obvious Jump to Page button and an improved full-screen mode. You can get a true full-screen zoom for both images and video (YouTube) alike.

PicLens is available for Firefox 2.0 and above, Internet Explorer on Windows Vista, XP, and Mac OSX. Download your free copy of PicLens.