Does Google Enjoy Rights to Delete Copyrighted MP3s from Gmail?

Amongst the million controversies that raise questions about the various rights that Google can exercise in the world of internet, which it presently dominates; the latest rumor has enraged people to a great degree. Just as Google uses its unique power to scan through innumerable YouTube content and discard those, which are illegally posted or are alleged of copyright issues, Google has been accused by an anonymous user, of removing music files from Gmail under the charge that those files have conflicting copyright affairs. However, the extent of truth in this rumor is still under debate.

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Move Over Mexican Drug Cartels – Feds say Google is the new Illicit (pharma) Drug Pusher

Before you get worried that Larry Page is prosecuted for large-scale drug trafficking, leading to a Google shutdown—you can rest at ease — they bought their way out of criminal charges — to the tune of $500,000,000 (and yes, I did write out the 0’s for effect).

The nation-wide prescription drug ring sting setup by US authorities built websites designed to offer illicit pharmaceutical products, and then purchased ads on Google — implicating the company, and several of its high-level executives who purportedly knew about the drug fraud. The Mexican-pharmaceutical-product selling websites were openly accepted by Google into their online advertising platform.

The US Attorney’s office reported that senior Google execs, including Larry Page, “knew about the illicit conduct” but didn’t pull the ads—thereby implicating them in nation-wide criminal drug activity.

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The Super-Secrective Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Gives the Finger to Citizens, NGOs and International Governing Bodies

In a rather ludicrous display of backdoor shenanigans several high-profile countries have created and signed a new trade agreement aimed at stomping-out the $250-billion counterfeiting market. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a new international trade agreement created by G8-led countries (representing 50% of world trade) was conceived under a veil of secrecy, without democratic vote or process.

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